Windows 10 Digital License Activation Script v5.0-P2P

Description: W10 Digital License Activation Script.cmd. Activate the Windows 10 permanently with digital License.


  • All the files are 100% clean on virus total.
  • This script does not install any files in your system.
  • Windows update must be enabled at the time of activation.
  • Internet connection is required for instant activation, but If you’re running it offline then the system will auto-activate At the next online contact.
  • Use of VPN, and privacy, anti spy tools, privacy-based hosts and firewall’s rules may cause problems in successful Activation.
  • After activation, In same hardware, if you reinstall the same windows 10 edition then the system will auto-activate itself but This applies to the only retail version of Windows 10.
  • If you are using VL version of Windows 10 then Users will have to insert that windows edition product key. After that system will auto-activate. You can insert the product key manually or you can use tool’s option “Insert default product key” This saves all the generating ticket and activation process.
  • If your system is already permanent activated, But if you are interested in Testing how this script activate thenenter folowing in elevated cmd
  • slmgr /upk It’ll put the system in the unlicensed state and after that, you can Test the activation process.
  • For Making Preactivated Windows 10 ISO
  • Use PowerISO software to open your windows 10 ISO. Now copy the $OEM$ folder from here and paste it in sources Folder of the ISO. The directory will appear like this iso:\sources\$OEM$\ Now click the option save as, in PowerISO.

Supported Windows 10 Editions:

  • Core (Home) and (N)
  • CoreSingleLanguage and (N)
  • Professional and (N)
  • ProfessionalEducation and (N)
  • ProfessionalWorkstation and (N)
  • Education and (N)
  • Enterprise and (N)
  • EnterpriseS (LTSB) 2016 and (N)

Whats New:

  • Added the option “Change Windows 10 Edition” (Thanks to rpo)
  • Fixed a issue in detecting Permanent Activation before activation in Non English os. (Thanks to rpo and abbodi1406)
  • Separate $OEM$ Folder is removed now and replaced it with an option “Extract $OEM$ Folder to Desktop”. (Thanks to rpo and mxman2k)
  • Edition detection method is changed to the best config. (Thanks to rpo, mxman2k and abbodi1406)
  • (In installed product key stage accuracy is 100%, but in ‘removed product key stage’ edition ‘may or may not’ revert back to pro or core
  • (which ever is your base install) Script will show a warning when it detect removed key stage.
  • There is no method available in cmd to detect editions with 100% accuracy in ‘Removed product Key stage’. You should know that hwidgen won’t work in removed key stage, angelkyo tool will crash and Ratiborus tool will change the edition.
  • Many codes are optimized now. (Thanks to rpo)
  • Archive changed to zip so it doesn’t need 3rd party tools to open it.
  • Read me and options layout is changed.

Release Name: Windows.10.Digital.License.Activation.Script.v5.0-P2P
Size: 1.3 MB
LinksHomepage – NFO – NTi


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