Signal Care v3.0.1 [Paid]-P2P

Description: Signal Care is an advanced network signal reset algorithm made for Android. Signal Care can reset your Network Signal , Data connection, WiFi connection etc.

Signal Care automatically resets the connection and thus Android OS sets a good quality network signal.

Usage scenarios:

  • When network signal is low. say, below 1 bar continuously.
  • When internet connection is of poor quality at a place with 4G or 3G support.
  • When WiFi speed and strength is unexpectedly low even if you are in range.
  • When traveling, fluctuating network signals.
  • When the network signal fluctuations are draining your battery.
  • When you are expecting an important call or message.

Let Signal Care reset the network signal for you. And if there is a good quality network signal present in that area, you will get connected!

Release Name: Signal.Care.v3.0.1.Paid-P2P
Size: 1.9 MB
LinksGoogle Play – NFO – NTi


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