FGS Cashbook v6.6.0 Multilingual-P2P

Description: Do you ask yourselves also every month where your crossly earned money remains? Rent, electricity, petrol, food, clothes and sometimes a visit to the cinema – there it is not so easy at all to keep the overview above the current expenses. The program “FGS-Cashbook” helps you thereby. Keep track of your expenses and control over your budget more effectively!

“FGS-Cashbook” (also known as “FGS-Kassenbuch” and “FGS-Financesoftware”) is a multilanguage and multi-currency financial application for you to create, manage, and keep your cash book handy and well organized. The user interface can be switched into English, German, Italian or Thai. There are many currencies available, as well as the possibility to create your own one. It is possible to create a cash book, name it and write your personal details. After that, you can start entering your income/expense data. Optionally, you can specify the date, category, VAT and more. This program will automatically calculate/deduct the VAT, will generate the individual balance and the total balance. You may set to print your cash book and make a backup. The help guide is available in English and also in German. The main advantage is that this utility is delivered free of charge. This free program also functions as a trial version of a more advanced one, the main difference between them being that in the registered version you can create/manage many cash books. In the free one you are allowed to create just one cash book. This smart program may prove to be a very helpful tool for the management of your personal finances.

The cashbook was developed in the basic version by “Franke Software” as a freeware and was downloaded up to now more than 1.000,000 times by our servers. Thanks to the suggestions of many users, it was further developed and now continue as freeware.

Basic function (Freeware):

  • Simplest handling when entering
  • Currency Conversion: Supports all currencies in the world!
  • Expression of the treasury report for any period of time with evaluation of various VAT sentences
  • Backup on any disk
  • Language change on the fly
  • Descriptive text to 50 characters, categories to 25 characters
  • Columns and size of the main window are saved on exit

Additional functions after registration:

  • Password Entry
  • Convenient search function
  • Funds report in landscape mode with residual column
  • Databackup – Export function in MS-Excel, MS-Access or text file
  • Several cash books in the program can be managed
  • Change the title (25 characters): eg elective cash book, cash – private, bank, club or household
  • Evaluation Tool: Single overview document, Overview of documents in a given period

Release Name: FGS.Cashbook.v6.6.0.Multilingual-P2P
Size: 53.8 MB
Links: Homepage – NFO – NTi


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